Tips for R&B vocal & Producing
Babylon     Singer Songwriter with prestigious masterpiece
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Tips for R&B vocal & Producing
Level : elementary/intermediate
Class Length : 11 video lessons
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■ Artist Profile ■

'Babylon' imprinted his name in the scene with his clean, swaggering vocals on 'Boys and Girls - ZICO'. Since then, he has released four albums and several singles under his own name, and has established himself as an accomplished singer-songwriter recognized in the hip-hop and R&B scenes for his wide vocal range and sophisticated production skills. In particular, his first album < CAELO >, which he produced himself, was certified as a masterpiece, which is the highest honor a musician can obtain and the brilliant featuring lineup of each album proves his motto of 'musician recognized by musicians'.

[Main Activities] 
2015 HIPHOP PLAYA AWARDS - Featuring Artist of The Year
2018 International Professional Music Bravo Awards - Korean Best Vocalist
2023 Korean Hiphop Awards - R&B Album of The Year < EGO 90'S >
2018 First Album < CAELO > - Certified as Masterpiece
ZICO - Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon) - Korean Music Chart 1st place
Babylon - Between Us (Feat. Dok2) - Korean Music Chart 1st place
Babylon - Crush On You (Feat. Lilboi) - Korean Music Chart 1st place
Babylon - Today I Think of You (Feat. Kim Na Young) - Mnet Chart 4th Place

■ Class Information ■


'Zico, Um Jung Hwa, Lee Hyo Ri, Kim Bum Soo, Harim, Young Joon (Brown Eyed Soul), Uptown, Sam Kim, Heartfelt, Suzy, Soyou, Chung-ha, Yeri (Red Velvet), Eric Benet, BIBI, John Park, K-Will, Gary, Ali, Dok2, Lilboi, VerbalJint, The Quiett, Paoloalto, Nucksal, Nafla, TakeOne, BewhY, Kang A-Sol, San E...'

The secret of being able to work with more than 50 top artists. Babylon's tips for producing musics regardless of genre such as hip-hop, R&B and ballad are presented. Breathing, vocalization, rhythm, and tone can be trained to produce the best vocals according to genre's distinguisable features. 


'Babylon' has a clear and unrivaled sense of color and a popularity. The story of obtaining a prestigious masterpiece certification on the first album. Let's meet 'Babylon', who creates his own sensuous melody by an impromptu. Through this, you may be able to learn his tips in writing, composing, and producing. The class also presents the producing story of 'Dreamer' with 'Gary' and 'Ali' which is an hommage of Lee Ssang's 'Balerino' and unravels Babylon's passion and sincerity in the K-Master Class.


What to focus on

Rather than taking notes, listen carefully and follow along

Repeated practices are highly recommended


Recommended for

1. People who desire singing skills

   Who are sincere in music

   Who are stuck during progress


2. People who want to broaden their spectrum of music

   Regradless of the tone, genre and vocal pitch


3. People who want to find their own vibe and attractiveness

   Who wants to be a powerful artist


4. People who want to produce a masterpiece

   recognized by the public and the experts


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